Originally, the name “zeroscape” came about as a mispronunciation of “xeriscape“. However, zeroscape has since evolved into a landscaping design all on it’s own. While they often get mistaken for the same thing, there are some key differences between xeriscape and zeroscape.


Xeriscape is a type of drought-resistant landscaping design that uses low-water plants, low-water grasses, mulch, and water-efficient irrigation systems. It’s a great option for people who want a lot of greenery in their yard without wanting plants that require a lot of maintenance or that have high water demands. There are tons of options to choose from for drought-resistant landscaping. Some common design elements are:

No matter what vision you have for your yard, making a drought-resistant version is always possible!


Zeroscape, like Xeriscape, is a great drought-resistant option for your yard if you aren’t interested in having a ton of plants or greenery. Zeroscape landscaping is a landscape design that uses very minimal plants, with dirt, gravel, rocks, or concrete as the main focus of the design. While some zeroscape designs incorporate a few plants here or there, most have no plants at all. Zeroscape also requires very little planning, which means it may be a good option for someone looking for something completely maintenance-free.


Which One is Right For You?

Choosing between zeroscape and xeriscape can actually be quite easy since the two designs offer two drastically different aesthetics for your yard. Both are great options for a low-maintenance and drought-resistant yard, but if you still want to have some trees, flowers, grass, or plants in your yard, xeriscape will be a better choice. If you’re looking to create a design with only dirt and rocks, zeroscape will be a better option. If you aren’t sure what exactly it is that you want, talk to your landscaper for some inspiration.

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