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Pond Repair

Does your pond have green or murky water? Is the algae and plants taking over? Is there a large black sludge build up on the bottom of the pond? Are your fish being eaten or sick?

Ponds of all sizes need to be cleaned at least once a year. Over time, muck and debris such as leaves, dirt, and fish waste build up in your pond. All these things “break down” in your pond and release harmful toxins into your pond, such as nitrites and ammonia. These chemicals are just one of the causes of algae, there is also the amount of sunlight that enters the water.

Whether your pond leaks, or your water quality refuses to get up to snuff, or your pump has just given up, we can handle it. What sets us apart from other pond cleaning services is we are also a pond building company. We can tell if your pond or water feature was properly installed and have the knowledge to fix it or rebuild it. We will access your ponds situation and determine exactly what will need to be done to get it back to a happy eco system. It could be as simple as adding beneficial bacteria or it could be serious enough to have to remove the fish, drain the pond, power wash everything and refill it.

We offer pond and water feature service contracts.