Looking for drought tolerant landscaping ideas to do your part in conserving water and to save money on your water bill? You’re in the right place. Mike’s Evergreen can help.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping IdeasDrought tolerant landscaping isn’t just rocks and cactus. Imagine a beautiful yard designed with custom drought tolerant landscaping or xeriscape (requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance) landscaping.

Consider the idea of an entertainment area with hardscape and colorful pots with plants/flowers carefully and precisely watered with drip irrigation.

What about creating a serene area with a fountain that re-circulates the water?

Mike’s Evergreen can help you pick plants that are adapted to our climate and can thrive with little to no water and low maintenance.

Some other drought tolerant landscaping ideas do include choosing gorgeous cacti and succulents, then adding complementary plant material for color. We can install synthetic grass for greenery, add mounding for depth, and place earth tone rocks in a decorative pattern for even more visual enjoyment.

You don’t have to stop using your front or backyard during a drought. When you implement any combination of these drought tolerant landscaping ideas, you can have a yard that you will enjoy for many years to come, even during a drought. Because it will be designed to use very little of our precious water.


Mike’s Evergreen is the right choice for help with drought tolerant landscaping ideas because we are the Valley’s premier outdoor living experts. We work hard to understand your goals and provide quality results that will exceed your expectations. We understand that one of your biggest and most important investments is your home or business. Your objectives, lifestyle, personality, as well as the specific needs of your property are carefully considered to reflect a landscape that will provide beauty, function, and value to your home or property. Mike’s Evergreen offers a complete range of landscape services so we can make your custom drought tolerant landscaping work well with the rest of your yard.


Choose Mike’s Evergreen to bring your drought tolerant landscaping ideas to life!