Client Testimonials

Mikes Evergreen just completed my front yard. I asked for steps up from the street, and Synlawn. What I got, is a beautiful yard that literally makes my home my castle. There is an attitude of service from all of the employees.

Mike’s company created my backyard a few years ago. I am totally pleased with the service, honesty, and professional attitude of Mikes Evergreen.

Mary Enos

I highly recommend Mike’s Evergreen. They do not cut corners. They installed new irrigation, lighting and understood our vision from the beginning. They are reasonably priced for the value of their work. Our backyard went from plain to absolutely stunning.

Jennifer House

Mike’s Evergreen helped us renovate the front and backyards of our recently purchased retirement home. He helped remove the existing landscape, design a completely new plan that is water efficient and also allows for high usage of our grandchildren. Heavy, heavy, traffic!!! The plan also allows ample room for enjoyable outdoor entertaining and eating. We are available to answer any questions you might have. We did not and will not receive any compensation for this endorsement. We just appreciate quality work from skilled craftsmen.

Rene & Judy Klaassen

Mike and his crew did a great job constructing our Koi pond. They were professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a professionally done Koi Pond.

Tony & Rosemary Manjarrez
Mike’s design of our fish pond exceeded our expectations. It’s perfect! The crew working on the pond were so nice and courteous, plus the patio was cleaned every day when they were ready to leave. We highly recommend Mike’s Evergreen.
Mike and Jo Orlando

Extremely happy with our backyard landscape. Mike brought a team of talented landscapers and a seasoned horticulturist to bring our vision to fruition. The best!

Edward & Pamela Ramos
We are happy with our yard remodel; Mike’s Evergreen was excellent in every aspect of service. Mike is very knowledgeable in products (as in yard lighting) beautiful materials and planting to enhance your landscape. They are easy to work with, always returning calls, or suggesting a newer better way to achieve your landscape dreams.
Robert and Judith Swenson

I first contacted Mike’s evergreen 6 or 7 years ago. I needed some landscape work redone. His crew was on time, the work was done as promised, and started and finished as promised. Since that time I’ve added a fountain and a few other things. I feel very comfortable recommending Mike’s Evergreen… He does a great job. I love my yard.

Carol Spillane

We chose Mike’s Evergreen for our back yard re-build and couldn’t be happier with that decision. We started with a plan, on which Mike and the guys doing the work improved with clever ideas, and an eye for proportions that balanced the yard beautifully. The pavers and stone work were done with great precision and care, and the planted areas are already looking established. Being retired, we were able to watch much of the work, and can tell you that these people work very well together, and work very hard. They take much pride in their work, and the finished project was all that was promised. Done on time and on budget. We are most happy to recommend them.

Jim and Judi Meyers

We have been working with Mike’s Evergreen for fifteen years from landscaping, landscape lighting, as well as irrigation needs. One word to describe Mike’s Evergreen would be quality. Quality materials (plants, etc.), quality personnel, quality attention, quality service.

Les and Pat

Love our backyard! Mike’s Evergreen worked with us to design and execute a fantastic yard. Trusted them completely. They oversaw the pool guy, the cement guy, the structure guy, the grass guy, and took charge with all the plants and irrigation! Highly recommend them!

Mark Ford

Mike’s Evergreen stands out above many competitors as a reliable source in a market that may seem daunting. From firsthand experience, my wife and I tried to find a source to install our outdoor lighting project. After what seemed to be a fruitless endeavor and a time-consuming task, we found Mike and with that, we found a gold mine. Mike and this team of professional employees brought our dream to reality and my wife and I strongly recommend that you start with Mike’s Evergreen to make your dreams come true.

Mark Garcia

I highly recommend Mike’s Evergreen. From initial design to completion of the project everything was smooth, on time and the crews were great. I know Mike’s Evergreen was not the “low bid”, but you get what you pay for most of the time….and I knew paying a few dollars more is worth the better quality materials and workmanship. Thank you for a great project!

Mike and Cathy Clear

While researching landscape contractors, I was impressed with the pictures of completed projects on Mike’s Evergreen web site. I called their office and was told an initial consultation was 4 weeks out. I knew this was the right place: very busy, which means in high demand. Mike took my ideas and made them so much better then I could imagine. My front yard looks amazing. It went from ordinary to extraordinary. I enjoy watching people drive by and taking a long, neck twisting look. You can definitely tell my yard was professionally designed and landscaped. Everyone I interacted with from Mike, his wife Patty and Vicki, project manager, are all the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I highly recommend Mike’s Evergreen.

Tim Gallegos

Mike and his crew transformed our backyard into a very special place. We plan to spend much more time enjoying our new Shangri-La!

Dan Galbraith

I totally recommend Mike’s Evergreen Landscapes! Every phase of the job was handled in a professional manner and the quality of their work is beyond compare! You have to wait a while for an appointment and then again for the vision presentation, but once you give the ok to go, the work flows along efficiently. The contractors he uses are wonderful and take care with their part of the job. I added things onto the job as it went along, and Mike was patient and flexible, getting everything done that I needed to get done. I could have gotten things done less expensively, but not at this quality or efficiency. I consider the money I spent on this project a very good investment in my home and quality/enjoyment of life!!

Patricia Gunn

Mike and Patty Fitzgerald are experienced landscape professionals that are easy to work with. Mike is thorough, realistic and honest about what will and will not work. His design was creative and balanced. Overall, our backyard looks beautiful and we are enjoying it very much.

Wade & Haley Haney
My wife and I are very happy with our new backyard. We did not have a clear idea of how we wanted our backyard to look, so we needed a lot of input on Mike’s part. He was patient and understanding throughout the planning stage. He asked us a number of questions and then came up with wonderful ideas. He worked within our budget and communication was thorough and timely. The completed project was better than we imagined. We ill recommend Mike’s Evergreen to our family and friends, and will use him again on future projects.
Ray and Stephanie Vargas
Quality work, responsive team, clear understanding of what to expect, timely project completion. I appreciate a local business who has been working in the valley for years, we are lucky to have such a great landscaper in the Clovis area.
Debbie Saffell
If you looking for a bargain fix up, Mike’s is probably not your best bet. But if you want a high quality project, professionally designed and executed, one that you’ll enjoy for years, Mike’s Evergreen is tough to beat.
Karl and Jill Peterson
I got the back yard I asked for, and communication was great at every stop of the process. Can’t ask for much more than that!
Joy Mohler
Mike takes the time to find out what you really want instead of just throwing something together that looks good. His crew pays attention to detail and cleans up after work every day, so there’s no mess left to annoy the neighbors. I really appreciated him working with me so I could save a little on costs by providing the plants and river rock myself.
Claudia Hirotsu

Landscape Design and Installation Services – Fresno and Clovis, CA


Landscape Construction projects are permanent to semi-permanent installations and should be considered an investment in your home.


Outdoor Living

Custom designed outdoor living areas allow you to have a beautiful and functional living space to entertain and enjoy with family and friends.



Landscape renovation is an important part of home improvement. Most first impressions of your home, and its level of maintenance, and value are made from the street.


Custom Concrete

Brighten up your landscape with a custom colored or stamped designed concrete path, driveway or patio.


Pavers & Flagstone

Typically installed as an alternative to concrete, pavers and flagstone come in many shapes, sizes and patterns.


Retaining Walls

Landscape retaining walls are utilized to increase usable space, provide additional elevations, seating, and planting areas.


Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire Pits and Fireplaces are both structures that provide a visual focal point while giving off warmth and light.


Outdoor Kitchens

Take your entertaining to the next level with the ideal outdoor setting for you and your guests.


Patios, Arbors, & Pergolas

Providing shade and sun protection for your outdoor space makes the area more enjoyable for yourself, friends, family, and guests.


Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting will add to your home’s enjoyment. Lighting your landscape in your front yard or backyard creates focal points for your yard, terrace, patio, pool and garden. Highlight trees, flowers beds, paths, walkways and planting beds with spotlights.


Drought Resistant & Xeriscape

Is your idea of a drought-tolerant landscape rocks and cactus? Think again!

We can design your yard to save water with a drought-tolerant or xeriscape landscape. We can create an entertainment area with hardscape and colorful pots with plants/flowers supplied with drip irrigation. You could have a serene area with a fountain that re-circulates the water. We pick plants that are adapted to our climate and can thrive with low water and low maintenance. Even with our current drought, you don’t have to stop using your front or back yard.


Water Features

Mike’s Evergreen can install a variety of water features for your home. From ponds and waterfalls to fountains and bubbling pots.


Koi Ponds

Mike’s Evergreen can design the perfect Koi pond for your yard, whether you have a small space or a large space, there is a pond for you.



Fountains have a long tradition in architecture and landscape design and are linked with many historical places that are part of our rich heritage.


Sprinkler Repairs

Broken Pipes and Leaks – We’ll fix a geyser or muddy spot in the yard.
Timer/Controller Adjustment – We’ll adjust your timer to keep your yard green and avoid over-watering.
Sprinkler Heads Repaired – We’ll get each sprinkler set just right and replace any broken ones.
Drip Irrigation – We’ll check your entire system to ensure it works properly and fix any issues.


Pond Repair

Whether your pond leaks, or your water quality refuses to get up to snuff, or your pump has just given up, we can handle it. What sets us apart from other pond cleaning services is we are also a pond building company.


Your Vision Our Design

Your project will seamlessly go from the design stage to completion. 3D design is an effective tool for you because you can see your project before we even break ground. It just makes sense to have an actual Landscape Contractor do the design, as we will also be the builder and are better equipped to understand your budget versus labor and material costs and what is realistic.


Mike’s Evergreen Inc.

We understand that one of your biggest and most important investments is your home. Your objectives, lifestyle, personality, as well as the specific needs of your property, are carefully considered to reflect a landscape that will provide beauty, function, and value to your property.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping
that Saves Water