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Koi Ponds

Picture yourself…
Out by your water garden in the early morning with a hot cup of coffee and your morning newspaper interacting with Mother Nature. What a wonderful way to start the day. In the evening, you’ll be out there winding down from the workday feeding your fish right out of your hand. You will love the sound of rushing water. Then mix the butterflies, the frogs, the turtles, and the birds (and the bees); all things that are attracted to this natural paradise sitting right in your own back yard.

It may come as a surprise to some people that koi can be very friendly fish. Large koi especially will swim over to investigate visitors, and some like to be touched or tickled. Familiar visitors may be able to hand feed the fish with treats, and the fish may also play with human visitors.

The System:
Mike’s Evergreen can design the perfect water garden for your yard. Whether you have a small space or large space, there is a water garden for you. We use a biological system which is the best available with a proven track record. It is low maintenance with a balance ecosystem that actively encourages Mother Nature to clean up after herself and minimize the time required to maintain your water garden. It will take about 10 minutes or so a week, that’s all so you can enjoy the beauty of nature in your own yard.