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Patios Covers, Arbors, & Pergolas

Providing shade and sun protection for your outdoor space makes the area more enjoyable for yourself, friends, family, and guests.

Although the terms often are used interchangeably, trellises, arbors, and pergolas are distinctly different structures. A trellis is typically a latticework built to support climbing plants or vines. It can be a simple panel attached to the side of a building, or it can be freestanding in a garden or yard. An arbor usually incorporates a trellis into its structure, creating a tunnel-like passageway of climbing plants. Arbors have a continuous run of latticework from one side of the “tunnel” to the other, often in an arched shape. Pergolas, too, are designed to support climbing plants. Unlike arbors, though, pergolas simply have posts supporting a roof like structure. They’re most commonly used to shade a walkway or a deck.

A patio cover is used In order to make a patio more useful in variable weather conditions, homeowners often choose to cover them. A patio cover is simply a structure that provides covering for the patio area to block sun and rain. A patio cover can be attached or freestanding.