Lighting can transform your living space — indoors and outdoors — and these landscape lighting trends for 2024 can help you do so in ways you might not have considered before.

Like everything else in the world, landscape lighting has evolved as new technologies emerge and become affordable.

Just look at the types of landscape lighting that are expected to be trending in 2024 …

Smart Landscape Lighting

Just as you can control so much about your home through your phone with smart home devices (lights, doors, thermostat, cameras, appliances, etc.), you can also do so with your landscape lighting.

Smart landscape lighting allows you to turn the lights on or off, make them dimmer or brighter, and even change colors with some options. You can set timers for when your lights come on and when they go off, or you can control them manually.

Beyond the convenience, smart lighting also increases your safety and security by being able to manage your lighting both while at home and when away.

LED Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners have been making the switch to LED lighting inside the home, and that trend is extending to landscape lighting as well due to LED’s energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

LED landscape lighting uses roughly 80% less voltage than halogen-based lights. It also requires less maintenance since you don’t have to replace LED lights as often as traditional bulbs. And they’re available in various colors so you can let your lighting reflect your personal style and aesthetic.

Solar Landscape Lighting

Solar landscape lights have gotten better in regards to quality and options. They’re popular due to convenience, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness.

And since they are powered by the sun rather than electricity, they’re also sustainable and good for the environment.

Motion-Activated Landscape Lighting

Outdoor motion-activated lights are not new, but they remain a popular choice for safety and energy savings.

They save energy — and money — because they’re only on when someone is there. This increases safety for you and your family by lighting your surroundings, but it also enhances your home’s security by deterring potential intruders.

Landscape Lighting Trends for 2024 - front yard with accent lights and pathway lighting

Light Up Your Outdoors with these Landscape Lighting Trends for 2024

Landscape lighting can have a tremendous impact on your home.

If you have existing lighting, now may be the perfect time to upgrade some or all of it to take advantage of these new trends and emerging technologies.

If you don’t yet have landscape lighting to enjoy, it’s never been easier to incorporate it into your life.

Either way, the experts at Mike’s Evergreen are here to help you light up your landscape. Contact us today for a consultation and to get started.

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