Trees without Invasive Root SystemsYou want shade and a beautiful landscape, but you also want trees without invasive root systems that cause problems to pipes, foundations, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and other structures on your property.

The landscaping experts at Mike’s Evergreen can help.

It’s important to choose the right tree and then plant it in the right place.


Some trees without invasive root systems include:

  • American hornbeam birch
  • Chinese pistache
  • Southern sugar maple
  • Red tip photinia
  • Crape myrtle
  • Junipers
  • Japanese maple
  • Palms

If you’re planting a new tree, be sure to choose one of the many trees without invasive root systems AND get help from an expert for proper placement so that you won’t have issues with invasive roots down the line.

If you’ve inherited a tree that you didn’t plant, and if its roots are invading and causing problems, get help from an expert who can tell you if there’s anything that can be done to control and save the tree or if it should be removed and replaced with a tree planted in a more appropriate location.



Sometimes, keeping the canopy of a tree trimmed and limiting how big you allow it to grow can also help keep the roots under control. The larger the tree, the larger its root system needs to be to sustain it.

Ensuring proper irrigation also is important to keeping trees healthy.

The experts at Mike’s Evergreen can help you with all phases of your landscaping … from planning, to proper planting, to irrigating and maintaining the health and beauty of your mature landscape.


Contact Mike’s Evergreen to learn more about how we can design your landscape to include trees without invasive root systems and help keep your existing trees under control.


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