Getting help with landscaping can feel overwhelming because there are so many options, but it’s easier when you have knowledge of just how to hire a landscaper, checklists and tips for doing so, and an action plan to follow.

From lush lawns to vibrant gardens, hardscapes to waterscapes, and everything in between, the right professional can make your landscaping dreams a reality.

But hiring the right professional for your job is crucial. So, here are some checklists and tips to help you make the right choice.


Landscaper Qualifications Checklist

Be sure that your potential landscaper is qualified to do the work you need done by checking the following:

  1. Licensing — Ensure the landscaper has a valid business license and a current state contractor’s license in good standing.
  2. Insurance — Verify that the landscaper carries comprehensive liability insurance to protect you and your property.
  3. Experience — Research the landscaper’s experience in the industry and their length of time in business.
  4. Reputation — Read online reviews or seek referrals from friends and neighbors to gauge their reputation.
  5. Professional Affiliations — Check if the landscaper is affiliated with professional organizations, indicating a commitment to industry standards.
  6. Portfolio of Previous Work — Review a portfolio of the landscaper’s past projects to assess their style and capability.
  7. References and/or Testimonials — Request references and/or testimonials from previous clients and follow up with them to inquire about their experience.
  8. Knowledge of Local Climate and Soil — Confirm that the landscaper is familiar with the local climate and soil conditions to ensure plant selections thrive.


Landscape Services Checklist

Landscaping can include many things. Check to be sure that the landscaper you’re considering offers all the services you may need, including:


Questions to Ask During the Hiring Process

Finally, before hiring a landscaper, ask them these important questions:

  1. What is your approach to designing outdoor spaces? Understanding their design philosophy helps you assess if it aligns with your vision.
  2. Can you provide a detailed estimate? A comprehensive estimate ensures transparency regarding costs and services.
  3. How do you handle unforeseen issues or changes in the project? Knowing their approach to unforeseen challenges demonstrates their flexibility and problem-solving skills.
  4. What is your timeline for completion? Clarifying the expected timeline helps manage expectations and plan accordingly.
  5. Do you offer maintenance services after the project is completed? Knowing if they offer ongoing maintenance ensures the long-term health and beauty of your landscape.


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