There are many beautiful flowers and plants that thrive in Fresno heat. Some can take full sun, while others require shade. With careful planning, your summer landscape can be just as pleasing as other seasons.

Plants that Thrive in Fresno Heat







Flowering plants that thrive in Fresno heat include:

• Zinnias
• Cosmos
• Black-eyed Susan
• Coneflower
• Ageratum
• Gaillardia Blanket Flower
• Lantana
• Penstemon
• Vincas
• Waxed Begonia
• Marigolds
• Geraniums
• Salvia
• Roses
• Lilacs
• Beloperone
• Bougainvillea
• Lavender
• Russian Sage
• Butterfly Bush

Shrubs that thrive in Central Valley heat include:

• Juniper
• Privet
• Sumac
• Rosemary
• Yucca
• Boxwood
• Podocarpus

Fresno is in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9. So if you’re doing the selecting and planting yourself, look for plants that are listed as doing well in this zone.

Your other option is to get help from the experts at Mike’s Evergreen. We have hands-on experience with choosing plants that thrive in Fresno heat as well as other drought tolerant landscaping ideas to keep your landscape beautiful year-round.

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