Many people have adopted the Japanese cultural belief that koi fish bring good luck and strength, as well as serene beauty, to a household, and there are some beautiful koi pond design trends in 2023 that you’ll want to consider if you are looking to add koi to your life.

Koi pond design has evolved significantly, embracing a more naturalistic approach in creating a backyard oasis. This aligns with the overall outdoor living trend towards creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment to create a harmonious, relaxing environment.

Some of the koi pond design trends expected for 2023 include the following:

  • Continuing to use of natural materials in constructing the pond
  • Repurposing containers as ponds
  • Building raised ponds
  • Continuing to incorporate water features
  • Adding lighting
  • Incorporating smart technology

Let’s look at these in a bit more detail …

Natural Materials

We expect that 2023 will see the continued use of natural materials such as rocks, stones, and plants in constructing koi ponds. These materials create a more organic and aesthetically pleasing look for the pond, while also providing a habitat for your fish and adding visual interest to the landscape.

Additionally, incorporating native plants can help create a more balanced ecosystem and reduce the need for artificial inputs such as chemical treatments.


Repurposing containers such as recycled bathtubs (especially decorative clawfoot tubs), metal stock tanks, or any other container large enough to safely give fish enough room to stay healthy has become popular with some people.

Depending on the container of choice, this type of koi pond can give a whimsical, quirky, industrial, or sophisticated modern vibe to your backyard.

Raised Ponds

Raised koi ponds — housed within a raised bed in your landscape or even right on your deck — are another non-traditional design trend we may see more of in 2023. These ponds are especially good for smaller spaces or when it otherwise doesn’t make sense or isn’t feasible to dig an in-ground pond.

Water Features

Water features such as waterfalls, streams, and fountains have long been used in koi ponds, and this is a design trend that isn’t going anywhere. These elements not only add visual interest and appeal to the pond, but they also provide a source of aeration and help to improve the overall health of the water.

They also add the soothing sound of running water, which can be particularly relaxing and enjoyable to listen to while spending time in the garden or near the pond.


Lighting is another design element that is expected to play a big role in koi pond design in 2023. The use of lighting can enhance the visual appeal of the pond by highlighting its features and creating a sense of drama and ambiance.

Smart Technology

Finally, the use of smart technology is expected to continue to play a role in koi pond design in 2023. The integration of smart systems such as water sensors, automatic feeders, and lighting control systems can make it easier to manage and maintain your pond. And this frees up more time for you to enjoy your fish and the peaceful, calming environment you’ve created.

Considering Adding a Koi Pond to YOUR Backyard Oasis?

Koi ponds are special additions to a backyard. They provide a peaceful, relaxing environment, and new koi pond design trends in 2023 give you exciting new options to consider.

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