koi pond maintenance

All ponds need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year, and the experts at Mike’s Evergreen believe the best time to do pond maintenance in the California Central Valley is winter.

Here’s why …


Fish, if you have them, are in a “resting” state similar to hibernation. Fish are cold-blooded, meaning their body temperature adjusts to the water temperature. As the water gets colder, their body temperature lowers and their metabolism slows down. They don’t need to eat much (sometimes not at all). They’re not very active, and they don’t produce as much waste.


You may be able to turn your pond pump completely off and rely on an aeration kit instead during the winter. This makes winter a prime opportunity to perform any repairs or maintenance required on the pump and filters while they’re not in use.


Many pond plants are dormant, so their growth will not be disturbed by the maintenance.

Trees and plants around the pond are in their slow-growth winter state. Leaves have fallen and can be fully cleaned out of the pond. The same is true for other plant debris.

Ready for Spring

Once the weather — and the pond water — start warming up in spring, many of the organisms in your pond ecosystem will start coming back to life. It’s best to have all your maintenance tasks completed before this awakening starts happening.

When you perform all your pond maintenance tasks in the winter, your pond is ready for spring. And your entire ecosystem will be healthier, happier, and able to give you more enjoyment for the year ahead.

Year-Round Maintenance is Still Important, Too

Keeping your pond maintained is imperative for the health and well-being of both your plants and fish.

Leaves, dirt, and fish waste continually build up in your pond. When these things break down in your pond, they release harmful toxins like nitrites and ammonia, which cause algae. Algae also is dependent on the amount of sunlight it receives.

We offer pond maintenance service contracts for your convenience!

Mike’s Evergreen will assess your pond and determine exactly what is needed to restore its happy ecosystem. It could be as simple as adding beneficial bacteria. Or it could be serious enough to have to remove the fish, drain the pond, power wash everything and refill it. Either way, we’ll take the time to assess the quality of your water. Then, we’ll take a look at how your pond flows. Next, we’ll consider the health of your fish. Finally, we’ll stabilize your pond’s ecosystem before we make any other changes.

Some other things to consider with ongoing pond maintenance: clean your filters and skimmers. Remove any debris and dead pants. But to keep your pond in tip-top shape, contact us to inquire about our ongoing contracts. They will save you time, frustration and money!