If you’re asking yourself, “when is it time to clean the pond?”, then we’ve got simple solutions. To save you time, energy, and money!


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DIY Evaluation

  1. Does your pond have either green or murky water?
  2. Are either the algae or plants taking over?
  3. Is there a large black sludge swimming on the bottom of your pond?
  4. Are your fish either being eaten or remain sick?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to clean your pond.


Let Mike’s Evergreen Help You Answer: When is it time to clean the pond?

Ponds of all sizes need to be cleaned at least once a year. While spring is a great time to clean your pond, some ponds need cleaning 2-3 times per year in order to maintain an healthy ecosystem.

Over time, both muck and debris build up. For instance, leaves, dirt, and fish waste all break down in your pond.

Then, they release harmful toxins. For example, both nitrites and ammonia. These chemicals contribute to algae. The amount of sunlight that enters the water also has an effect on how much algae will build up.

Don’t let toxins ruin your backyard pond.

You can either purchase materials yourself or call the professionals at Mike’s Evergreen.

If you intend to clean your pond on your own, know that it will likely be labor intensive. And while some people prefer DIY, most people end up calling us after they’ve tried on their own, getting frustrated with poor results.

We can ensure your pond is clean year round. Plus, we’ll deal with both the headaches and hassles of pond cleaning and maintenance. So, you’ll have more time to enjoy your pond.


Let Mike’s Evergreen come to the rescue. We’ll ensure your pond is clean year round!


Let us help you answer: When is it time to clean the pond?

Whether your pond either leaks or your water quality refuses to clear up. Or maybe you’ve simply given up. We can handle it.

What sets us apart from other pond cleaning services? We are not only a pond cleaning company but also a pond building company. And we can tell if either your pond or water feature was properly installed. Plus, we have the knowledge to either fix or rebuild it.

Our experts will both analyze your pond cleaning needs and determine exactly what is needed to restore its happy ecosystem. Whether it’s as simple as either adding beneficial bacteria or draining the pond. We can restore your investment.


Mike’s Evergreen is the right choice for your pond cleaning services in Fresno. Because we are the Valley’s premier outdoor living experts. We work hard to understand both your goals and lifestyle. We’ll provide quality results that exceed your expectations.

We understand that one of your biggest and most important investments is either your home or business. Perhaps both. And that your objectives, lifestyle, and personality matter. So do your specific needs. At Mikes’ Evergreen, we carefully consider every aspect of your life. So, you get both a landscape and pond cleaning services that provide not only beauty but also function and value. Mike’s Evergreen offers a complete range of landscape services. So we can make your pond fit with the rest of your yard. We offer pond cleaning and water feature service contracts.


Choose Mike’s Evergreen as your pond cleaning experts in Fresno!