There are a tremendous number of benefits of landscaping in the fall, especially in the Central Valley.

Fall Weather is Ideal for Planting

Cooler fall weather gives plants and lawn a chance to become established without the stress that heat puts on new plantings. However, while the air temperature is cooler, the ground is still warm enough for roots to take firm, healthy hold.

With cooler temperatures, the soil also will hold onto water longer. This lets the roots easily deliver the water that the plants need for healthy growth.

Winter is Coming

Another of the benefits of landscaping in fall is that winter is coming. For plants, that’s a good thing.

Many plants go dormant in winter to get ready for the active spring growing season. Having this dormant season lets your new landscaping become more established so that in spring it will flourish and look great for your full enjoyment.

Let the Professionals Help You Get all the Benefits of Landscaping in the Fall

Fall is usually a busy time, with lots of family time and social activities. There’s no need to curtail your fall activities, simply let Mike’s Evergreen handle your landscaping for you. We can do the design, planning, prep, and planting for you while you sit back and enjoy the process.

While there are so many benefits of landscaping in the fall, it also can be the perfect time to schedule the work to get done.

You may find our Landscaper FAQs helpful as well.

Mike’s Evergreen is the right choice to help you get all the benefits of landscaping in the fall because we are the Valley’s premier outdoor living experts. We work hard to understand your goals and provide quality results that will exceed your expectations. We understand that one of your biggest and most important investments is your home or business. Your objectives, lifestyle, personality, as well as the specific needs of your property are carefully considered to reflect a landscape that will provide beauty, function, and value to your home or property. Mike’s Evergreen offers a complete range of landscape services making your landscape design will work well with the rest of your yard.

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