We’ve gathered some of types of flowers that look good year-round. Right here in the Central Valley.


Drought-Tolerant Natives Lend Year-Round Color

First, consider plants that are both drought-tolerant and native to Central California. For example, The California Poppy. It’s a native. And it prefers both grassy and open areas.

The California Poppy can grow 5 – 60 centimeters tall. Branches lend waxy, pale blue-green foliage. The leaves are divided into round, either orange or yellow lobed segments.

It’s both tough and fast growing. Additionally, The California Poppy is self-seeding. And, it’s easy to grow.

It is best grown as an annual, in full sun. However, it will tolerate part shade. Plant the California Poppy in well-draining, sandy soil.

What’s more? It flowers during all seasons!


Hibiscus Bloom All Year

GardenGuides.com reports, “The large 5- to 6- inch wide blooms of the deciduous hibiscus plant bloom all year long in the more temperate areas of California.”

Hibiscus flourish when planted in gardens or large containers. They survive with a lot of sun and warm. So take them inside when it gets chilly.

Hibiscus can grow to the height of a small tree. The blooms boast bright red, orange, yellow, pink, peach and lavender flowers.


Petunias are Perfect for Year-Round Color

GardenGuides.com also cites the petunia. They provide year-round color in temperate climates, like California.

It does well outdoors during spring, summer, and fall. You may have to bring it in during the winter months.

GardenGuides.com shares, “The petunia is extremely tolerant of cooler weather but will die off if hit with direct frost.” You can find them as both annuals and perennials. They come in a wide variety of colors.


And if you need assistance with getting your yard ready for year-round color, then call Mike’s Evergreen! We take the guesswork out of year-round color.