If your yard has been overrun by winter weeds, it’s time to get back in control by following these tips to keep winter weeds out.



It may seem pointless to mow your lawn in the winter since your lawn doesn’t grow very quickly. But if you keep mowing your lawn, then you’ll take off the top of the weeds and stop their seeds from spreading. Most winter weeds aren’t able to survive this and will eventually die. When mowing, make sure you use a bag attachment on your lawn mower to catch the seeds.



It may seem like a big job, but pulling the weeds that are in your yard and getting them at the root will help prevent them from spreading. Pulling in the winter is actually easier than other seasons because the ground is soft. Use a trowel to get deep to pull them from the roots.



Tips to Keep Winter Weeds OutSpreading mulch across your yard helps kill weeds by preventing them from getting any sunlight and it also helps the plants you want to thrive by holding in moisture. Put down a biodegradable fabric over the ground, then put 2 inches of mulch on top.



Spraying the weeds at the right times during the year can help prevent your yard from getting overrun by weeds. To prevent winter weeds, spray them in the fall.


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