How to Add a Water Feature to a Small Backyard - triple fountain

Want the calm and peace of spending time around water, but think you don’t have the space? Not so! Once you know how to add a water feature to a small backyard, you’ll see that you don’t need much space at all to enjoy the benefits.

The benefits of humans being near water, according to marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, include tapping into a “blue mind” state … a “mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment.”

Having even a small water feature right in your own backyard makes this blue mind state readily accessible. So, here’s how to add a water feature to a small backyard … or, really, any small space …

Determine the Location

Consider your available space, paying attention to factors like sunlight, drainage, and accessibility. If you want the water feature to be a focal point, a central location might be the ideal spot. If you want it to be more of an accent, then consider what it’s meant to complement.

Select the Size

Once you’ve determined the location, select the size that will best fit that space. You don’t want to overpower the space, but you don’t want your water feature to be so small that it disappears, either.

Choose the Type of Water Feature

There are many different types of water features to choose from, and nearly everything can be adapted to fit even a small backyard. A small fountain or a bird bath may be suitable for a very tiny space, while a pond, stream, or waterfall can be designed to scale to fit a larger area. The options are endless, so choose a water feature that fits your budget, space, and personal preference.

Plan the Overall Design Layout

After you’ve decided on the location, size and type of water feature, plan the overall design layout. Consider the placement of rocks, plants, and other decorative elements that will complement the water feature.

Install the Water Feature

Some water features are easy to install and can be done yourself. However, others may involve digging a hole, connecting pipes, setting up a pump, and other electrical work. So it may make more sense to hire a professional to install your water feature for you.

Trust Mike’s Evergreen to Help You Add a Water Feature to a Small Backyard

Adding a water feature to a small backyard is well worth it. Mike’s Evergreen has designed and installed them for numerous Fresno area homeowners, and we’d love to help you, too. Check out our gallery of ponds, water features, and fountains by clicking here.

If you have additional questions or would like professional advice on water features, we invite you to get in touch with our team of experts here at Mike’s Evergreen. Contact us today.


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