Dry river bed landscape design brings both beauty and function to your property. It takes experience and skill — and a bit of physical labor — to turn simple rocks into a landscape element that looks natural, which is why it’s best left to experts like Mike’s Evergreen.

Dry River Bed Landscape Design Adds Beauty

Incorporating a dry river bed into your yard brings a natural beauty that you can enjoy every day. It is meant to give the illusion that a natural river may have run through your property at one time and later dried up. It may bring to life memories of these types of river beds you may have encountered hiking, biking, or even driving outside of the city limits.

These are not simply rocks laid out in flowing pattern. You can also incorporate plants such as grasses and flowering perennials into your beautiful dry river bed.

Imagine inviting nature right into your yard. That’s the beauty of a dry river bed.

Dry River Bed Landscape Design Can Be Functional

Often, a dry river bed is used to fix drainage problems or fill in areas where plants and grass don’t grow well. They also can help prevent erosion on sloped landscapes.

The functional side is where you really need expert help with design and installation. The slope, drop-off, and grading need to be right to provide proper drainage. The surface under the river rocks needs to be properly prepared as well.

When done right, a dry river bed is easy to maintain and shouldn’t need more than a quick blowing just to keep leaves and debris controlled as needed.

The Valley’s Premier Landscape Design Team

Mike’s Evergreen is the right choice for your dry river bed landscape design because we are the Valley’s premier outdoor living experts. We work hard to not only understand your goals but also provide quality results that will exceed your expectations. We understand that your home is one of your biggest and most important investments. So, both your objectives and lifestyle matter. Also, your personality, as well as your specific needs. Plus the needs of your property. At Mike’s Evergreen, we carefully consider every aspect of your life so we can design a landscape that will provide not only beauty but also function and value to your property. Mike’s Evergreen offers a complete range of both landscape design and services. We can make your landscape design project work well with the rest of your yard.

Choose Mike’s Evergreen for your dry river bed landscape design!