You want a yard that you can enjoy and be proud of, so you must take care of it. Here are some tips for maintaining your yard that can help.

Tips for Maintaining your Yard


Be sure that your irrigation system is providing adequate water to keep your lawn, shrubs, and flowers healthy.

Repair or replace sprinkler heads and drip emitters that aren’t working properly.


Start with easy-care lawns that will be easier to maintain. Don’t mow too short, and keep up with edging.

If you’re noticing brown or dead spots in your lawn, there are several possible causes. Take the time to figure out the real issue so you can properly fix it.


Plant flowers that are suited for our climate conditions. Consider these types of flowers that look good year-round. Remove spent blooms promptly.


To keep your trees and shrubs healthy, keep up with pruning and don’t let fallen leaves and other debris accumulate. Fertilize appropriately.


Be sure that the pump on your fountain or pond is working properly. Clean the filters regularly. Following the recommended pond maintenance schedule for your specific water feature. Not sure what that is? Call us … we’re here to help.


Mulching is beneficial for your plants and the soil. It helps retain moisture in the soil, promotes plant health, and keeps weeds in check. Keep an even layer of mulch (3 inches is recommended) and replace as needed.


There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a beautiful yard. And you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

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