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We’re not Fazed by Phasing

Some of our customers prefer to install their entire landscape design all at once. Others prefer to phase it out anywhere from one to five years.

Installing Your Landscape in Phases

Phasing in a landscape means, installing in stages rather than all at once. There are several advantages to retaining the landscape plan as you conceived it originally. First, you can install each phase of your landscape with the knowledge that, eventually, you will have exactly what you want. You also will be able to concentrate on installing high quality plants and materials during each phase. You won’t have to cut corners or settle for something you don’t really like.

We will first develop a landscape plan for the entire scope of the project. The advantage of planning in phases, is that once each phase is completed you will be assured that each element and phase of your landscape fits and is designed well together. In the end it will be evident that you had a professional design and install the finished product. After understanding your priorities, we will recommend the sequence of phasing your landscape.

Don’t let budgetary constraints of today stop you from having the outdoor environment you’ve dreamed of.