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Fog / Misting Systems

In our climate, especially in the summer, a misting system or mist-scape is an absolute necessity for full enjoyment of your yard. When properly installed, these patio misting systems can dramatically reduce the temperature in your back yard or anywhere you might need a system. Misting systems use very little water (less than half a gallon per hour for each nozzle) and are constructed and installed to last for years.

By pressurizing water up to 1000 psi and forcing it through a specially designed mist system nozzle, billions of tiny water droplets can be created. Each droplet is smaller than the size of a grain of salt and are so light they actually suspend themselves in the air. As the water evaporates, it produces cooling up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit making it a very effective method of outdoor cooling. Because the droplets are so small, they have the ability to remove small particles from the air making fog systems a very effective method of dust and odor control. Patio Misting Systems can be used within your landscape (mist-scaping) or a fog effect can be created in a pool water feature (Fog Deck). The key to the full effect is in the pump, high-quality materials, and regular maintenance. We are authorized installers of the Fogco system.