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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Most people may not be completely sure what a drip irrigation system is. The system uses a series of drip emitters that are placed right by the root zone of the plants. This allows it to target the most important areas of your plants (whether they are flowers, vegetables or grass, etc.) which in turn increases efficiency and decreases water waste.

Small drips of water will be slowly absorbed into the soil in the relevant areas. This means that not only is the system more efficient, but it can also help the water make it deeper into the soil which will allow the roots of your plants to grow deeper.

One of the biggest benefits you will notice in a drip irrigation system is the improvement in terms of water efficiency. That is because the drip irrigation system doesn’t produce runoff as it only uses the water that you need. In addition, because the water is introduced at the root level, there is minimal evaporation directly from the soil or leaves, which is common in our climate.