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Smart Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation Clovis

Your search for smart outdoor lighting & irrigation Clovis just got easier!

Trending now: technology that allows you and your family to improve, individualize and maximize your outdoor space.

Your Outdoor Space Reimagined.

A backyard can be a place to share memorable experiences with those who matter most. But when it’s simply a slab of land, it’s not working for you.

Your backyard can be a functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing space. All it takes is proper landscaping and irrigation.

And now, it’s easier than ever before!

Smart Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation Clovis.

Today’s technology allows indoor conveniences to be enjoyed outdoors. But it’s not just for wood-burning pizza ovens and fine LED lighting.

App-controlled, landscape lighting and irrigation will transform your home from a high-maintenance haven into a low-maintenance retreat.

Plus, you’ll spend less time walking around, watering and turning on all the lights. So, you get more time to enjoy the people and things that delight you.

Automate Features and Maintenance for Your Outdoor Space.

Live on the cutting edge of advancement.

Control backyard lighting and irrigation via Bluetooth and WiFi compatible, app-controlled transformers. All from your computer or smartphone. Also, you can alter color-changing fixtures and maintain scene control to maximize individualization.

Want to Learn More About How You Can Add Smart Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation in Clovis?

With so many choices and price-points available on the market, it’s best to contact us so we can discuss how best to upgrade your view.

Mike’s Evergreen will  make sure your Smart Outdoor Landscape Lighting and Irrigation will create opportunities for enjoyment. Lighting your landscape creates focal points for your yard, terrace, patio, pool and garden. Highlight trees, flowers beds, paths, walkways and planting beds with spotlights. Experience for yourself the peaceful feeling of looking out your window to a yard that is softly lit and not pitch black. Feel welcomed when you come home late at night and your home is elegantly lit all around.

And control it all from your smartphone or computer, whether your home or away!