Living in Fresno comes with many advantages. We’re close to the beach, the mountains, and even the desert. But luckily for us, we can also enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors from right within our own backyards! If it’s time to upgrade your own outdoor space, consider these ideas for your next Fresno outdoor living remodel.

Top 3 Features of Outdoor Living in Fresno

Outdoor Kitchens

kitchen fresno outdoor living

Whether you like to host big parties or just like to cook for your family and friends, having an outdoor kitchen is an essential part of any outdoor space. These spaces are especially great if you host holidays like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You can have all the luxuries of your indoor kitchen in your outdoor cooking space.

Pool and Patio Spaces

Having a pool in Fresno is a must have with our summer temperatures in the 100s. But your pool space doesn’t have to be boring. Having both a glamorous looking pool paired with a patio to lounge in beside it is definitely a top feature in Fresno backyards. Also, if you’re the house that has the pool, you likely need lots of seating available to host friends and family.

Gardens and Raised Garden Beds

If you love to garden, the Central Valley is definitely the best place to do it! We can grow just about any crop, flower, and herb here. Having a garden in your backyard or even styled raised garden beds is a popular feature for those with green thumbs.

Other Fresno Outdoor Living Ideas


Gazebos are another popular design to consider implementing in your yard. This specific design also includes drought-tolerant landscaping.


Fountains can add a gentle sense of serenity to any outdoor space.


You can add a trellis to your yard to add texture and greenery. This design also features synthetic grass to keep the lawn looking green all year long.

Custom Flagstone

This patio features a custom flagstone design to add an artistic flair to the space.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are perfect for summer bonfires and winter coziness.

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